Waste management in India

Vadodara Waste Management Development

Implementation of Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management (ISWM) System


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Solution by ISWM

  1. Vehicles with GPS System
  2. Unloading of garbage collected by Door/Gate serving vehicles in to Refuse Compactors at nearby Transfer stations in the zone area and thus increasing the trips of vehicles
  3. Providing community dustbins to multistoried residential and commercial buildings to ensure easy and speedy coverage of the area
  4. Supervision of the work at ward and zone levels
  5. Increase in no of routes and vehicles from 88 routes to 145 routes and each route is provided with separate vehicle

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Waste Management in Makarpura

Design development and maintenance of scientific landfill site under JnNURM as per MSW Rules-2000

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Landfill facility is designed with protective measures against pollution of:

  • ground water
  • surface water and air fugitive dust
  • windblown litter
  • bad-odor
  • fire hazard
  • bird menace
  • pests or rodents
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • slope instability and erosion

for Vadodara city is taken up under JnNURM scheme. About 25 hectares of land is alloted for Scientific landfill facility at R. S. No. 346/p at Makarpura-Jambuva

Secured Sanitary Landfill Site

Processing Plant & Sanitary Landfill on the same site

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