F.E.C. – Further Educated With Companies

Recruiting and Training Program for Unemployed
  • A Labour Market Training program developed by Finnish Authorities to help highly educated unemployed workforce get recruited to a permanent job
  • The idea is to give the unemployed a further education in a specific field and at the same time,
  • Give the unemployed a possibilty for on the job training in a relevant company, with a need for new employees
  • First programs accomplished already in the early 90`s
  • Average recruitment percentage 70 %
  • Training program primarily meant for clerical employees / experts
  • Training is implemented to fulfill both the needs of the individual jobseeker and the participating companies
  • Training arranged by private training companies
  • These companies handle the whole program
  • training/schooling plan
  • selection of participants, both individuals and companies
  • Whole process controlled by relevant authorities

F.E.C. program

  • Program lasts for 9 months –includs training sessions and on-the-job training
  • During program the individuals gets mentoring from training organisation in order to help and guide individulas in their tasks
  • Co-operating companies gets consulting help if needed in inaguration of the individuals in their tasks
  • The Goal of the Program is to secure a new job for the participating indviduals

F.E.C. process

1.Authorities declare an open bid process for labour market training

2.Training companies give a proposition with quote for

  • content of schooling on a general level
  • budget for implementation


F.E.C. – Program Implementation Selection of Criterias for participants

  • Selection of participants – Individuals

Criterias for participants

  • defined by labour authorities
  • handled by labour authorities
  • Selection of participants – companies

Criterias for participants

  • defined by training organisation
  • handled by training organisation



–Handled by labour authorities

–Managed by training organisation

  • Co-operating companies

–Handled and managed by training organisation

F.E.C. – Program Implementation

  • After selection is made
  • A three party agreement is made
  • Parties are: Authorities, Individuals and Co-operating companies
  • Agreement stipulates that individual is taking part in a training at the co-operating company
  • Individual has the right to take part in training session during workperiod
  • Companies are not obliged to hire the individual, but it is recommendable to do so
  • On-the-Job training should inclued relevant tasks for the individuals
  • Hireing can take place during training time or it it recommended to do so at the end of training time at the latest
  • Schooling organised by training organisations inclueds
  • Seminars or lectures with relevant content to general scope of program
  • Content can be customized to suite both participating individuals or companies

F.E.C. success stories

  • Labour political training for academically educated people in Finland: Several courses
  • Real estate development training for Hungarians with Pohjola Insurance Corporation.
  • Real estate evaluation training for Hungarians with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary and Technical university of Helsinki
  • Business research training in Hungary
  • Art management seminars with Art Academy of Hungary, Canada and France
  • EU-project management with Vantaa Polytechnic
  • International Project Management with EVTEK, Koszalin Technical University and MVA Hungary