Ship Recycling

Our aim to find opportunities to recycle steel from sustainable ship recycling. The need for recycled steel in Finland is more than 1 million tons yearly. 

Ship recycling is one of our main sustainable development areas. We work in strong collaboration with Finnish industry players and experts from India to develop a sustainable ship recycling system

Significant development steps started in ship recycling

The collaboration between India and Finland has started on investigating the possibilities of ship recycling. The project is sponsored by Turku Repair Yard Ltd, Machine Technology Center, Turku, and Delete Finland Oy.

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First cruiser demolished

First cruiser was demolished in Finland

An old freshwater cruiser “Blue White Eagle” (built 1960) was demolished at Turku Repair Yard in October 2017 as a pilot project in a ground of Ship recycling project in Finland.

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Ship dismantling as recycling and waste management issue

EU regulation limits end-of-life ship export to developing countries for dismantling and recycling due to environmental, health and safety problems. Ship dismantling has been done traditionally with low technology and lots of manual work.

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