Master's thesis on ship recycling in Finland

November 23, 2015

Katalin Talas, master's student from the University of Jyväskylä MBA Program of Corporate Environmental Management published a deep analysis of the opportunities and risks of establishing sustainable ship recycling in Finland. The research took 12 months to complete and it was supervised by Matti Pettay.

Ship breaking has one of the biggest environmental impact, while it is often associated with human rights violation and non-conformity with occupational, health and safety regulations. To improve environmental, health and safety issues in ship breaking sequential international legislation was required that controls the supply of vessels. 

Revolution develops as ship recycling is becoming strictly controlled in South-Asia under the flag of the European Union. This restriction gives opportunities for developed countries to establish collaborations for sustainable ship recycling. Such little understood business favors the combination of expertise from different fields. 

Developing synergy between different industrial partners requires managerial dedication. Besides the so-called hard tools for such engagement, questions remain around the level of commitment, preparedness and willingness for collaboration. 

The study seeks to answer the research question, whether it is possible to establish environmentally friendly ship recycling in Finland. Perception and attitude towards a systemized cooperation and the current understanding of ship recycling is analyzed.
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