Animal waste rendering plant at Vadodara

September 2, 2015

Prefeasibility report

Vadodara Municipal Seva Sadan (VMSS), Vadodara (Gujarat) is in the process of establishing a Animal Waste Rendering plant. Whereas the client, Honkajoki Oy, Finland is looking for the opportunity to provide the technology, from concept, technology transfer, plant construction, and operations at Vadodara. Its been proposed to conduct the pre-feasibility to stream line the technical discussion and suggest the appropriate method and technology for Animal Waste Rendering Plant.

Meat production in India

The total processing capacity in India is over 1 million tons per annum, of which 40/50 percent is utilized. An analysis of the composition of agricultural trade over the last decade shows that traditional agricultural exports of India are now competing with new and more dynamic sectors, such as buffalo meat exports. At least 70% of the buffalo meat is exported. The major areas for Buffalo Meat production are Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Pre Feasibility –AWR at Vadodara. Doc Ver. 2.0 (4th March 2016) Green Eminent Page 9 Maharashtra and Punjab. Uttar Pradesh is the top buffalo meat producing state with production of 0.3 million tonnes in 2011.

The meat production has registered a healthy growth from 2.3 million tonnes at the end of Tenth Five Year Plan (2006-07) to 5.5 million tonnes at the end of the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2011-12). The Annual growth rate for meat production in 2011-12 was about 13%. (Annual Report of Animal Husbandry Department) India exports more than 0.5 million tons of meat, mostly buffalo meat. Indian buffalo meat is witnessing strong demand in international markets due to its lean character and near organic nature.

Unlike cow slaughter, there is no social taboo in slaughtering buffalo for meat. Goat and lamb meat are relatively small but important segments where local demand is outstripping supply. They have short generation intervals, higher rates of prolificacy, and marketing of goat/sheep meat products is far easier. Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Hilly regions of North and Eastern Himalayas are the Indian regions with maximum livestock population. The production levels in these two categories have been almost constant at 0.95 million tons with annual exports of less than 10,000 tons.