Carpathian Satellite System for Drinking Water

April 25, 2017

Innovative water project - Brzozow commune, Sub-Carpathia in Poland.

Brzozow is a 660 – years old small Sub-Carpathian town with about 8,5 thousand inhabitants and together with communal villages the total population is about 28 thousand. Town is located in a hilly area of East Sub-Carpathia with picturesque landscape, far from industry and agriculture. Brzozow thanks to its own rich spa values, belonged to small spa resorts in the interwar short period, offering extremely rare healing alkaline iodine-bromine brines. It was devastated during and after World War II. Valuable deposits of water remained to this day.

Now, the inhabitants of city & commune suffer from periodic shortages of water and it’s good quality for drinking. Town has treated mixed ground and surface water. Communal villages (2/3 of population} do not have a collective water supply system at all (0% of network). Home installations from own wells mainly supply poor quality of shallow ground water. In that respect the case is phenomenon throughout Poland and keeps first place in this shameful statistics.

The lack of knowledge, money and experiences to use UE financing resources caused drastic aim of local authorities to supply the water produced from heavily polluted river water taken directly below (200 m) the outlet of sewage treatment plant of large, urban & industrial agglomeration of Sanok city & commune, situated 20 km in distance. The fact of location of this particular sewage treatment plant with outlet in front of the water treatment station is very abnormal in itself, causing a high health risk and probably the only one present in EU. But above all it very worries about possible contaminations of drinking water due to hardly determinable micro-impurities such, as pharmaceuticals & their metabolites, nanoplastics and industrial toxins. Now, all above consequences will also be borne by the residents of Brzozow commune.

Such solution is not acceptable in the view of new EU regulations as well.

A corrective water supply system should be created for Brzozow. Such solution is proposed and described in brief here under.


Ø BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT OF DEEP GROUND WATER àas specialty of Finnish technology (NATWAT bio-reactors, f.ex. in Siilinjärvi Commune)

Ø ARTIFICIAL GROUNDWATER àas specialty of Finnish technology (f. ex. Lahti Town & Commune Water Supply)


Ø DUAL NETWORK with separate drinking and domestic use water, ready for recycling water àmodern distribution implemented in Nordic countries and Alpine communes

This innovative, combined solution meets local demands and latest EU requirements set out in the “Proposal 2018 to new water directive” and New Drinking Water Directive 2020.

It is suitable and expected way to solve similar water problems in other Carpathian municipalities. It can be used as a Model Solution in EU.

Detailed technical description with calculations of water demand with balances is attached hereunder.

Knowledge and cooperation with the Finnish side are needed to implement above project and perhaps to involve interested other Carpathian countries (f. ex. group of EVAK organization).