Waste management in Thodupuzha Municipality, India

November 28, 2020

Mrs. Tuula Honkanen, M.Sc. (Env.) managing director (retired) Päijät-Häme Waste Management Ltd (PHJ) visited Thodupuzha, Kerala to educate children about waste management.

The trip was organized by Venture Village Oy (venturevillage). Venturevillage is promoting high quality pedagogical modules from Finland to India. They work is focusing on Sustainability, Circular & Digital Economy, Waste Management and E-Governance. Venturevillage’s one goal is to educate children about the proper ways of waste management. Venturevillage hopes to encourage the wider society for better waste management programs. The cooperation also aims to transfer knowledge from countries like Finland where waste management is developed. In Finland, these principles are taught in schools at an early stage, and venturevillage is strives to pursue the same in Kerala schools in cooperation with Clean Kerala Company Limited (CKCL), sanitation mission and with connections in Finland. They also try to propose University of Helsinki and SYKE (Finnish Environment Institute) and Finnish companies working in India to support them to promote GreenCity education program to all schools, first in Kerala and then to whole India.

The full report of the visit is available here: